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Celebrate the New Year Fireside

The Berkshires are a glorious place to spend the holidays.  With our snow capped hills and lamppost lined streets, we already have the quintessential New England scenery that people dream of for the holidays. When you combine that with all of the wonderful things to do and all of the fabulous places to go, the Berkshires are the perfect destination for your winter festivities.  Being that it is New England, it can also be quite frigid around holiday time, so staying warm is something one should think about.  What a great idea it would be to ring in the new year by celebrating next to a crackling and cozy fireplace!  Whether you’re feeling adventurous, in the mood for a big, elaborate party or would rather spend some quiet, intimate time with a special someone, the Berkshires will most likely have the perfect fireside for your desires.

If you are looking to get away from the crowds and prefer the company of just a certain someone or a small group, you could make plans to spend New Year’s Eve, by having a meal at a small, local restaurant and retiring to one of the quaint inns that are so prevalent in our county.  If you prefer to stay in South County, perhaps you could make reservations at The Chambery Inn, in Lee. You could start the day shopping on Main Street, in Stockbridge, stopping into any of the many unique shops to gather up a small feast of gourmet goodies to bring back to your room.  You might then head to The Old Mill, in Egremont, where you can enjoy a fabulous meal and  the historic mill fireplace is always crackling.  After dining, head on back to the Chambery Inn, where your cozy room awaits, and you can resume your fireside conversations.  In North County, you could spend the afternoon shopping along Spring Street, and then retire to The Orchards Hotel, and though it’s not an inn, it has a warm ambiance that is very welcoming.  As a part of the hotel, there is the The Gala Steakhouse, with a big, warm fireplace waiting to greet you.

For those looking for a bit more activity and adventure for their fireside options, you may enjoy a day of snowshoeing or sledding.  A nice hike through the woods is also a  fun idea during the day.  There are several ski resorts in the area, if you are interested in skiing or snowboarding.   You could hit the slopes at  Catamount ski area, enjoying some fresh mountain air during the day, and then head next door to the Swiss Hutte, where you can enjoy a gourmet, fireside meal.  They are best known for their traditional fondues, making for an extra special New Year’s Eve meal, and you can also book a room to stay overnight.  If skiing is on your mind for your celebrations,  and you would like to do it in grand fashion, head over to Jiminy Peak, where you can spend the evening on the slopes, stopping to sit by a roaring fireplace in the lodge or their convenient fire pit outdoors.  You can enjoy a meal onsite at John  Harvard’s Restaurant and Brewery, and then enjoy a magnificent display of fireworks to ring in the new year, as you keep warm by the fireside.

If a decadent New Year’s Eve in the Berkshires is on your mind, there are several all inclusive, extra special places to celebrate in style.  In Stockbridge, you could plan a stay at the historic Red Lion Inn, where they have fireplaces in select rooms.  They plan an amazing extravaganza every year for their New Year’s Eve Gala, and you can drink a hot toddy or glass of champagne by one of the most famous fireplaces in the Berkshires, inside of the main lobby area, as you take in all of the glorious decorations they put up for their holiday celebrations.  Further down the road, in Lenox, is the luxurious Blantyre, an exquisite manor nestled in the woods.  Here you will be pampered in the finest of things, and extreme attention is payed to every detail.  You could stay in one of their fine rooms in the manor, or in one of the manor’s cottages on the property,  many of the rooms having gorgeous fireplaces.  They celebrate the new year with a formal black tie event and a seven course meal.  There are canapes and champagne served, while a band plays  for dancing in their decked out dining room, and there are  fireplaces throughout the main rooms to keep you toasty.

Wherever you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve, if you are making plans to ring it in by a fireside, the Berkshires certainly provides you plenty of options.  Whether you would like a quiet New Years or want to join the crowds, the holiday spirit is prevalent here and you are sure to make holiday memories that will last a life time! Cheers!