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Canoe Tour – On the Road With Michelle

Berkshire Scenic Treks & Canoe Tours

“Well, the best way for you to learn about my business is to go on a canoe tour with me,” she said. I hadn’t touched a canoe since capsizing and recovering one for a purple badge in sleep-away camp when I was 14. “I agree. Where do I meet you?” “Decker’s Landing at 10 am work for you? Oh man, here we go.

I was met by Hilary, the owner of Berkshire Scenic Treks & Canoe Tours. Decker’s Landing was flooded up past the parking lot; a sight Hilary had not seen in all her years of leading tours. We noticed a current and plant debris quickly pass by in a swirling motion. Hilary hesitated, “Are you sure you want to do this?” The words “game on” came out of me.

For three hours, we talked like old friends and I learned more than I ever had known about paddling techniques. The tour of the Housatonic River was incredible. Hilary is an excellent guide; she is confident, friendly and informative. She runs her business with heart. Her prices are very reasonable. She enjoys canoeing with families on the Housatonic: especially watching them decompress, learn, and be together.

Most days you can find Michelle Murphy, BVB Communications Associate, on the road visiting Members. Her visits help to keep the BVB staff updated on what’s new and offer’s Members a chance to share images and information through our various social media channels. Site visits usually last about 30-45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to educate the BVB staff so that they can inspire visitors to come and see you as well! To schedule a visit from Michelle, please email at [email protected] or call 413.743.4500, ext. 133.