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Part 3: Best Places to Pokémon GO in the Berkshires

by 1Berkshire’s Resident Pokémon Trainer, Josh Weatherwax

Part 3

When thinking of the North do you picture Jon Snow defending a giant wall of ice from White Walkers? Well, that’s Game of Thrones and my recent trip up through North Adams and Williamstown in search of pokémon was nothing like that.

Northern Berkshire County, is in fact, quite beautiful. From idyllic mountaintop views to charming downtowns, there are more than a few great places to find pokémon, pokéstops, and a surprising number of gyms.

Just a reminder, when I go on these jaunts I grab a designated driver. Please don’t drive and GO!

Here are three awesome places I checked out on my journey through the northern part of the county:

Mount Greylock North Adams Williamstown

  1. One of the best views in our neck of the woods is from the peak of Mount Greylock. Now home to a school of magic, thanks to J.K. Rowling, the highest point in Massachusetts also stores a pokémon gym and four pokéstops. That’s not the greatest haul, but it is probably the most gorgeous place around you can go pokémon hunting!
  2. My next stop was in our county’s quickest growing arts and culture destination, North Adams. Home to MASS MoCA, many great restaurants, and stores, North Adams is one of the most walkable and fun-filled places in North County for a pokémon trainer. In the downtown area alone you will find four gyms and more than two dozen pokéstops. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Last, but not least I visited charming Williamstown. Stick near the college and downtown and you’ll find three gyms and more than a dozen pokéstops. Just make sure to stay in the area, as in the most distant parts of town your phone will not have a signal.

Here’s some information about recent updates to Pokémon GO that may change the way you play:

  • Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO, have been fiddling around with the game for the past week or so and you may notice some differences. The nearby pokémon display has some useful and not-so-useful changes. On the plus side, any pokémon that has been drawn to a pokéstop will be displayed with a thumbnail of the pokéstop, making it easier to find the one you want. However, all other pokémon are simply displayed in grass with no indication of distance.
  • Another change that the company has made is in the way the app syncs with your surroundings. Instead of syncing every 5 seconds, the app now syncs every 10 seconds. This means anyone that likes to play as a passenger in a car, train, or even cyclists will likely see very few pokémon.

Check in next time for some more great tips and tricks!

Part 2

So, a few weeks have passed since Pokémon GO came out and you’ve got a Vaporeon that you use to capture your neighborhood gyms every day, but you’re getting a little bored sticking to the same part of town. It’s time for you to get out and explore the county!

That’s exactly what I did this week. I grabbed a designated driver (don’t drive and GO!) and headed south in search of some more great places to share with you.

Here are three awesome places I checked out on my journey through the southern part of the Berkshires:

Sheffield has three gyms! Head next door to Great Barrington for even more.

  1. My first stop was at Bartlett’s Orchard in Richmond. Why Bartlett’s? First and foremost, what kind of trip would this be if I didn’t have a couple delicious fresh-baked apple cider doughnuts? (Note: “couple” may or may not mean six) Second, Bartlett’s is actually a pokémon nest, a place where Pokémon spawn. Multiple pokémon spawned while I was there, including a Ghastly, Clefairy, and Eevee.
  2. If you recall my last post (see below), you’ll know that downtown Pittsfield was chock-full of pokéstops and gyms. Well, downtown Great Barrington is no different! With a couple gyms and at least a dozen pokéstops, Great Barrington is a must visit for any trainer in the area. It’s also highly walkable and there are a number of great stores and restaurants for you to visit when you need a break!
  3. My last stop was a surprise, even to myself. The town of Sheffield is home to less than 3,500 residents and more than half of the county’s antique shops. It is also home to three pokémon gyms and a handful of pokéstops! Conveniently located by the Marketplace Kitchen and Cafe, the gyms are all centered in a small loop on Main Street, so grab a snack and take a walk.

Here are a couple more general tips for the burgeoning Pokémon Trainer:

  • So, you’re sitting at your desk, bored at work and decide to use an incense to bring the pokémon to you. STOP! First, don’t get in trouble for playing at work. Second, if you use incense and don’t move, you will see a single pokémon roughly every five minutes. However, if you’re moving a pokémon will appear every 200 meters. So, save the incense for when you’re walking around and you’ll encounter far more pokémon.
  • Got an Eevee and you want to evolve it in a certain way? Name it Sparky, Pyro, or Rainer and when you evolve it you will obtain a Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon respectively.

Check in next time for some more great tips and tricks!

 Part 1

If you’ve been outside, on the internet, or generally not under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve most likely been exposed to the Pokémon GO craze. With more than 21 million active daily users in the United States alone, our streets are covered with players from dawn to dusk.

If you’re one of those players, you’re probably itching to get some great pokémon for your team. With so much area in the Berkshires, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some great places for you to nab some Pokémon, swing by some Pokéstops, and wrangle a gym or two for your team.

Here are three great places to explore in the central section of the Berkshires:

Hang around downtown Pittsfield for the Pokemon. Catch them all at Hancock Shaker Village.

  1. Downtown Pittsfield is one of the best places in the Berkshires to play Pokémon GO. The area has four gyms for the conquering, including our very own Berkshire Museum, and there are also more than two-dozen pokéstops. City hall itself often has a crowd out front trying to catch them all, and you’re bound to run into a lure or two being used. Not to mention, downtown has many great restaurants and stores along North Street that you can swing into when you need an energy boost!
  2. Just outside of Pittsfield is Hancock Shaker Village, home to not one but two gyms and a handful of pokéstops. If you’re already out that way, or if you’re taking your family to see how the Shakers lived, you’ll be right in the middle of Pokémon country.
  3. Lenox is another great place to play due to its Pokémon gyms and the downtown area’s extreme walkability. The illustrious Shakespeare & Co. is a gym worth fighting for, and the town is littered with pokéstops. Not only is Lenox a beautiful place to walk around, there are many great shops and restaurants to take a break at!

Here are a couple general tips for the burgeoning Pokémon Trainer:

  • A great way to gain some levels quickly is to save up a bunch of Pidgeys, Weedles, and Rattatas, pop an exp egg and evolve as many as you can. Evolving your Pokemon already gets you a lot of experience, but you’ll get double experience for each one that evolves while the exp egg is active.
  • Throw some curveballs! By spinning your finger in a circle your pokéball will travel in an arc and by throwing it the opposite way you’re spinning you should be able to land the shot. A curveball offers more experience per catch and is also more likely to catch the pokémon.

Check in next time for some more great tips and tricks!

Josh is the Special Projects Associate at 1Berkshire, which means he is a jack of all trades. He spends most of his time at work doing graphic design, marketing, and content creation and editing. He is a Navy veteran and a freelance graphic designer.