Scenic Driving Tour: Taconic-Mohawk Trail

Approximately 55 miles

This driving tour includes mountainous terrain with settings of breathtaking vistas from strategic lookout points. Begin in Williamstown located in the northwestern corner of the Berkshires, adjacent to Vermont and New York.

From the Village Green, follow Main Street (Route 2 East) through this college town whose architecture reflects its strong beginnings. It is interesting to note the changes in neighborhoods upon entering North Adams, once a thriving industrial center of the
Northern Berkshires. Route 2 East passes through the center of North Adams whose views reflect church steeples and Victorian homes of days gone by.

As the road narrows, prepare for a gradual climb in elevation before encountering the famous “hairpin turn” approaching the Western Summit. Stop and observe the landscape from this observation point before continuing the top of the Mohawk Trail, an elevation of 2,173 feet above sea level.

Continuing on Route 2 East, soon the road will enter Florida, Massachusetts. Look for signage, a right turn to Savoy Mountain State Forest leading to the center of Savoy. Stop and view the waterfalls before leaving the state forest.

Turn right onto East Road in Adams, which runs parallel with Route 8 North. This lovely back road runs along the edge of the mountain to the center of Adams.

Follow Route 8 North into North Adams until it meets Route 2 West, returning to

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