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Berkshire Memories

Posted on October 15, 2020Written by Elizabeth Nelson

A few months ago, we asked our readers for their fave Berkshire Memories – these are a few of the nostalgic missives.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. We hope to see you #intheBerkshires soon, making memories of your very own!

John Williams conducting at Tanglewood. Photo by Janet. John Williams conducting at Tanglewood. Photo by Janet.

Of all of my wonderful memories of the Berkshires, last summer’s Movie Night at Tanglewood…is my most amazing memory. The conductor said he had a surprise for us after intermission. John Williams came on stage and guest-conducted. It was such an incredible experience to see this icon, at his advanced age, conduct my favorite orchestra with the skill of a musician in his prime. And the audience showed its appreciation with a long standing ovation at the end of the concert. That memory, that night at Tanglewood, is etched in my mind forever. I keep these photos on my computer desktop so that every day I can see the joy of that night. – Janet

There is so much to love about the Berkshires. We have stayed at the Black Swan Inn, a very comfortable hotel, and the staff is wonderful. We love traveling around the region, finding back roads to explore, visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum, finding unique shops. Our absolute favorite restaurant is Once Upon a Table in Stockbridge. Outstanding, unique menu! We recently found homemade bread and rolls at Berkshire Mountain Bakery. (Yum!) Great Barrington at Christmas has a fantastic Christmas Stroll. The Berkshires has so much to offer that this little note can’t come close to all that the area has to offer. We will be back. – Nancy

Bidwell House Museum. Photo by Brian. Bidwell House Museum. Photo by Brian.

In June 2019, my wife and I traveled from the UK and visited the Berkshires for the first time. The visit was part of a driving tour around the White Mountains in Vermont, Concord, and Boston. We stayed between Stockbridge and Lee at a charming and welcoming B&B, enjoyed visits to Edith Wharton’s home, The Mount and found some excellent restaurants. However, as we have found over the years, it is often the unexpected and lesser-known things that form the highlights of our vacations. In this respect, we really enjoyed the rather out-of-the-way Bidwell House Museum. We were the only visitors and our excellent guide was a very informed and welcoming young lady (a student). The story of the house gave a wonderful insight into past life. Regrettably, the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions prevent our near-term return to the Berkshires…One day, we plan to come back. – Brian

Norman Rockwell's studio. Photo by Craig. Norman Rockwell’s studio. Photo by Craig.

My favorite memory of the Berkshires is visiting Norman Rockwell’s Studio on the grounds of the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge in 2019. – Craig

(This studio and the Norman Rockwell Museum are open and taking reservations, so make a plan to make memories there yourself!)

My Berkshire memory is of a glorious day my boyfriend and I spent with friends one summer. After a stunningly beautiful hike at Olivia’s Overlook, we picked up sandwiches from Guido’s and had a picnic by the Stockbridge Bowl. Afterward, we swam and watched people paddle board and sail past us. We treated ourselves to homemade gelato at Chocolate Springs, and then took a drive to the top of Mount Greylock. It was an absolutely perfect day! – Angie

Have memories of your own you’d like to share? Drop us a line, send us a photo or use our hashtag #intheberkshires in a post of your own. If you are looking to make some Berkshire memories be sure to visit our website for inspiration and to see what’s open. Until then be safe and keep on travel dreaming.

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