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A weekend in the Berkshires: Putting the “high” in highbrow

You may think of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts as a vacation spot for highbrow intellectuals. It is. Just about every night of the week during summer, Tanglewood has offered outdoor performances by the Boston Symphony, the Boston POPS, and various jazz musicians and chamber players since the 1930s. There is also a literary heritage to the area that would make your head spin. Lately, though, you can feel the Brooklyn vibe, as borough transplants open restaurants and hotels, and more and more New York residents are visiting and investing in real estate. This makes sense: For New Yorkers it’s a quick three-hour drive, providing country air as well as a cultural paradise with centers for art, great food, and music venues. In between Tanglewood and the fussy bed and breakfasts, there is also an adorable cheese shop, a perfect dive bar, and a stylized roadside motel, too. It’s possible to pivot from skiing on the mountain one morning to spending the afternoon at a top museum. Plus, did I mention a recreational weed dispensary just opened? Here’s everything you need to know for a weekend away in the Berkshires. Read more about where to stay >>

Photo: @later_nyc