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A Visit to the Vault Gallery – Berkshire Girl Around Town

Vault GalleryVisiting downtown Great Barrington is always fun and interesting, and browsing through one of the many art galleries that dot the town’s streets will only enhance your Berkshire experience. The Vault Gallery, located in a trendy corner building on Main Street, is a privately owned contemporary gallery. It is one of the most popular galleries in Great Barrington, showcasing renowned international artists represented along with a notable selection by acclaimed artist Marilyn Kalish. The Vault Gallery is bound to impress with its Salon Gallery filled with a delightful mix of Kalish’s paintings. The space has the feel of a museum gallery with its fine furnishings and floral arrangements set throughout the rooms.

I recently stopped in at the Vault Gallery and was immediately impressed with the serenity of the space. The owner warmly greeted me and suggested that I take in some of the artwork or lounge on one of the sofa’s while perusing one of their many art books. Kalish’s pieces (many in gorgeous vintage frames) are on display in both the Salon and the original gallery. As always when I get to see her works, I was in awe of how accurately she can capture such intense emotion in her pieces. Some of her paintings elicit immediate joy in its purest form, while others are more contemplative, stopping you in your tracks for a moment to be able to take it all in. Kalish is frequently in the gallery and meeting the artist is a treat in itself. She has also opened up her workspace, further down the street, to studio hours so you can view her works in progress.

Vault Gallery Vault Gallery

Shopping in Great Barrington is always an experience, but adding certain stops into your day (like a visit to the Vault Gallery) can only add a bit of inspiration to your day of shopping. You may even find yourself encouraged to bring home a piece of the gallery’s artworks so you can have a little piece of this magic in your own home.