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A Touch of Thai- One bloggers pick for an Eastern experience right here in the Berkshires -The Wellness Guy

Fill up your belly with delicious treats.

Location: Flavours of Malaysia

Kripalu massage therapist, Samniang Geller, is a superstar at what she does. And she makes no bones about twisting clients into human pretzels. Although adept at other modalities like Swedish, she hails from Thailand and is known for her authentic and inspired Thai Massage. Done on a mat in loose clothing, this service has many benefits without the nuisance of getting undressed or oily. It’s also good for the practitioner who is essentially doing yoga during the session along with you, helping you to get deeper into postures. With more pulling by the therapist and less pushing, Thai therapists are less likely to develop repetitive-use injuries and can stay quite flexible themselves. You, the client, don’t have to do anything; she guides your body through the movements. It’s great if you want the benefit of yoga without the agony and sweat. Kripalu is known to be a place of reflection with its no-frills style and ashram past. While a series of renovations has perhaps added amenities/conveniences for lodging, the esthetic remains and the spa reflects this ‘no bells and whistles’ approach. For the full Eastern experience right here in the Berkshires, top off your Thai massage with a trip to Flavours of Malaysia and be transported. With its Thai-inspired cuisine, colorful curries and live rock-n-roll, the atmosphere pops and so does the food! Fair warning—if you’re a large party and it is Saturday night, plan to make chit-chat for a while as the food takes time. But good things come to those who wait…