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A Pure Product

By The Wellness Guy

Cricket-Creek-FarmAs I drove up to Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown, I paused to soak up the coppers and reds of the Berkshire Hills.  Two cats and a fleet of chickens, seemingly happy to co-exist, greeted me outside of the farm store.  The store harkens back to an era when trust was assumed and still operates on the honor system.  You grab some artisanal cheese, meat or bread and leave the money behind.  American consumers have shown a great penchant for artisanal products such as craft beer and coffee, so it’s not surprising to see such demand for Cricket Creeks’ products.  It seems people have tired of large scale mechanized and chemical farming, giant agribusiness and the shipping of goods cross country leading to fossil fuel consumption and environmental degradation.  Aside from the altruistic reasons, well, the taste is just better.  It’s a night and day comparison between a Price Chopper or Big Y slab of bacon and what’s on the menu here.  With a range of restaurant/chef clients like Mezze, and a Berkshire or Brooklyn Community Supported Agriculture option (members buy shares up front and receive food each week of the season) Cricket Creek has carved out a niche via their superior products.  The farm to table movement is yet another example of consumer support for local flavorful foods.  Cricket Creek offers a wide variety of cheeses and raw milk.  Because their cheese is only made up of milk, salt, cultures, and rennet for coagulation, the shelf life of both the milk and cheese is shorter; about two weeks for the raw milk.  The trade-off is that you don’t have all of the preservatives and additives (their milk is not pasteurized, homogenized or fortified).  That is, you have a pure product.