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A Barn Wedding in the Berkshires

Posted on March 05, 2016Written by Lindsey Schmid

One of the Berkshires’ qualities that I enjoy the most is that we can’t be defined by just one style of event. Sometimes, we host grand, elaborate weddings at historic castle-like estates. Sometimes we witness nuptials that take place overlooking a gorgeous mountain or lake vista from within a hillside garden. Still other times we’ll have couples wishing to tie the knot inside a museum, surrounded by abstract paintings or other pieces of art meant to invoke deep thought. And sometimes, we get a call from a groom who wants to have a simple, low-key, family-centered wedding on his brand new property. In his barn, which for the other 364 days of the year acts as a garage for his tractor, lawn mower and vintage car. Read more about a barn wedding in the Berkshires >> 

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