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National Trust for Historic Preservation talks about the Frelinghuysen Morris House

It’s difficult to miss a 5-foot crack in a 12-foot span of glass.

And it was one of the last things that Kinney Frelinghuysen, director of Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio in Lenox, Massachusetts, wanted to see.

The preservation of the house, once occupied by abstract artists Suzy Frelinghuysen and George L. K. Morris and now part of the National Trust’s Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program, is more than just a professional matter for Kinney. As a nephew of Frelinghuysen, Kinney knows how much the place meant to his aunt. Her and her husband’s Cubist frescoes adorn its interior, but the largest work in the collection is the house itself.

National Trust for Historic Preservation posted Tough Break: The Structural Mystery of the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio on January 15, 2020. Read the entire article by clicking the link above.