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The Linde Center brings Major City Architecture to the Berkshires

“The Berkshires, the bucolic swath of Western Massachusetts where urban refugees can get their weekend dose of gardens, waterfalls, and even the occasional moose sighting, enjoys the cultural life of a major city, spread out over an area half again as vast as Houston. Though it mostly hibernates in winter, you could spend a week in summer darting from town to town and vacuuming up modern dance, early music, popular illustration, Broadway-level theater, and, in a couple of years, “extreme model railroads and contemporary architecture.” These aren’t sleepy amateur operations, either, but major institutions that are constantly, and expensively, renewing themselves, deploying new architecture in their competition to be the area’s main artistic attraction.”

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The Berkshires Have the Cultural Life of a Major City — and Architecture to Match was published August 12, 2019 on Intelligencer a sub section of New York Magazine.

Photo: William Rawn’s Linde Center at Tanglewood. Photo by Robert Benson/Boston Symphony Orchestra