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5 Eco-Friendly Distilleries Working to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Most of us have some strong opinions about the environment.
They may not be universally the same ones, but the environment engenders more attention and focus every day. Toss in the ever-increasing interest of accurate product labeling and being more conscious of what we eat and drink, and we’ve created more public focus on what we buy and why. Whether for business, image, saving money or ethical reasons, many distilleries are researching and adopting eco-friendly practices with more investment on the quality of their products. They may implement more prevention and less mitigation and clean-up, reduce/reuse/recycle more efficiently, reduce their carbon or water footprint, or work on sourcing ingredients based on their environmental impacts. Read more about eco-friendly distilleries >>

Berkshire Mountain Stills – Phot from Chilled Magazine