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23 Top Places to See Fall Foliage in the U.S.

Posted on August 02, 2022Written by cathleen

There's no other time of year quite like fall.There's no other time of year quite like fall.

Written by Gwen Pratesi
for US News Travel
August 2, 2022
Photo Credit: Getty Images

There’s no other time of year quite like fall. Brisk, cool mornings give way to afternoons warmed by the sun, and the drop in temperature causes leaves to change from shades of green to a kaleidoscope of warm colors before winter sets in. The displays of color are different across the U.S., but they’re all brilliant when leaf-peeping season is at its peak. In the West, the reds, oranges and bright golden hues of the quaking aspens are dramatic against the backdrop of the mountains and the verdant pine, spruce and fir trees. In the Northeast – New England, for example – and other parts of the country where species like red maple and birch are prominent, the trees radiate with bold displays of yellows, deep reds, coppers and oranges.

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