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22 Berkshire County Libraries in Three days

Holy Smokes! What a week – TWENTY FOUR libraries – a Library Land record. We knew this week was going to be a wild week and was it ever.

It all started when the good people at 1Berkshire – the official Regional Economic Development Organization and Regional Tourism Council of Berkshire County – thought it would be cool to have someone write about the various libraries around the county. When they learned about Library Land, they reached out to ask if we’d be interested to visit Berkshire county and see some of the libraries there. We met with Cathy Husid, the PR person for 1Berkshire, to discuss the trip and how we might share what we saw and learned. We were glad for the invitation since visiting libraries in the western part of the state would take some planning and effort.

We put together a pretty aggressive itinerary – seven libraries per day for three days – and liked our chances. Early on Monday morning we started our journey to the west.

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