10 Great

10 Great Reasons to Relocate

There are so many reasons to relocate to the Berkshires, delightful museums, world class theater, a CSA share that you look forward to all winter and four seasons of outdoor fun. With a quality of life that’s leaps and bounds beyond your cost of living, it’s pretty near perfection. Did we mention the lack of traffic?

Number 1 Reason to Relocate

Canyon Ranch

Find your perfect oasis at the Residences at Canyon Ranch in Lenox. This premier spa resort now offers homeowners the quintessential wellness lifestyle, with preferred access to facilities, programs, services, and consultations. Just 2.5 hours from Manhattan and Boston, this is a place to relax, rejuvenate, and relish the beauty and cultural amenities of the Berkshires. Only 12 residential units remain available.

Number 2 Reason to Relocate

Victoria Ross/Realtor

When it comes to relocation be sure you have the right realtor. Victoria Ross has been successfully selling the Berkshires for years. So why not let her help you with all facets of your relocation to our beautiful region. Whether you are searching for an estate property, condominium, waterfront gem, or a walk to an urban delight, contact her to make your dream of owning in our Berkshires a reality.

Number 3 Reason to Relocate

Berkshire Country Day School

Voted “Best Private School in the Berkshires,” Berkshire Country Day School is a highly respected Preschool-Grade 9 school that delivers an exceptional experience for families seeking a vibrant community and comprehensive curriculum on par with other world-class schools. Our intentional, independent, and inspired approach to inquiry, discovery, and discussion blends both proven methods and emerging best practices and reflects the culture of the region, rich in the arts and outdoors.

Number 4 Reason to Relocate

McLean Realtors

Let McLean Realtors be your guide to relocating to the Berkshires. Not only are the Berkshires an ideal place to work and live but you will find living in the Berkshires affordable and our access to world class culture and outdoor activity is unparalleled. Whether just starting out, winding down or seeking a vacation getaway, we offer a broad range of value and options for housing.

Number 5 Reason to Relocate

Berkshire Health Systems

Great healthcare is one of the reasons why the quality of life in the Berkshires is as good as it is. Berkshire Health Systems is the region’s leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services. They have award-winning programs, nationally-recognized physicians, world-class technology and a sincere commitment to the community. If you work in this field they are also looking for great people to join their team.

Number 6 Reason to Relocate

City of Pittsfield

In the middle of the Berkshires, Pittsfield is truly the urban hub of this county. Recently designated as one of the Commonwealth’s Cultural District here you will find everything you need from great shopping and farm fresh dining to performing arts and lively community activities as well as easy access to the outdoors. Make your move to Pittsfield today and rediscover yourself in the Berkshires.

Number 7 Reason to Relocate

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Thinking about starting your own business or growing your small business? Then look to the Berkshires. Here, our economic development organization 1Berkshire has created Berkshire Starts to support someone just like you. Berkshire Starts is here to help connect you with the human capital, collaborative workspace, financial assistance and more so that you can grow your entrepreneurial endeavors right here in the Berkshires.

Number 8 Reason to Relocate

Job Opportunities

Life is calling you to thrive, explore, and innovate in the Berkshires so make your next career move to the Berkshire. With thousands of positions available you will have no shortage of options. The Berkshires has several key industries including advanced manufacturing, tourism, and the creative economy and the region embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that breathes life into our workforce. Come and join us.

Number 9 Reason to Relocate

Our Communities

With 30 towns and 2 cities, the Berkshires has a broad variety of places for you to chose to relocate to. Each town has its own unique character so there is bound to be on that is a perfect fit for you and best of all each town is only about 10 mins from the next so it’s easy to get out and about and enjoy all that is at hand in the Berkshires.

Number 10 Reason to Relocate

Low Cost of Living

Why the Berkshires? Our scenery is relaxing, our towns are quaint, our vibe is unparalleled, and maybe best of all our cost of living is affordable. We’re a tempting location for visitors who want to make the jump and become second-home owners or full-time residents in the region. Take a moment to see how our cost of living stands up to where you currently reside and start thinking about your move to the Berkshires.