Foliage Report #3 for the 2012 Season

Lanesboro, MA

Foliage Report #3 for the 2012 Season

 A former Williams College soccer coach used to tell his players that in later years they might not remember the scores of their games or even whom they played, but they would always remember playing on Cole Field—and one of those former players assures me that it is so. A sunny day on this beautiful greensward, beside the Hoosic River, with the side of Pine Cobble beginning to turn color, watching spirited soccer matches, is a fine way for anyone to welcome a Berkshire fall.

The colors of autumn have established themselves in northern Berkshire County, at least at higher elevations. Rain and gusts have taken down some leaves, but the color is coming and likely to achieve its peak in North County early in October, working its way south over the weeks following.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit that part of the county where the color wave is up. Color also moves from higher elevations down, and you should remember that the lowest point in the county is where the Hoosic River exits Williamstown, at the north end. Although the landscape is more rumpled up north, the general level is higher to the south, which somewhat mitigates the north-south effect.

Then, although each individual tree has its own schedule, young trees and certain species are apt to turn first, such as red maples growing in soggy areas. You see leaves turning sooner around bogs and marshy places, which give an edge to South County, such as along Rte. 7 just north of Great Barrington; or, along Swamp Rd., for heaven’s sake, in Richmond. In the north, the best, wet bet is along the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail between Cheshire and Adams. Since automobiles are excluded, ride your bike or walk to take in the views.        

There is a special pleasure in looking at foliage over water, such as Cheshire Reservoir along the Ashuwillticook, or Onota or Pontoosuc lakes in Pittsfield, the Bowl in Stockbridge or the myriad of smaller ponds in South and North County.

Leaf looking can include attending events , such as the North Adams Fall Foliage Parade, which steps out at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 30 or Hancock Shaker’s 15th Annual Country Fair On Saturday September 29th and Sunday the 30th. If you are in Lenox don’t miss the fall Berkshires Arts Festival at Shakespeare & Co.

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