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Kosmic Kitchen is Out Of This World

By The Wellness Guy
Untitled-2When I first met Katherine Miller of Kosmic Kitchen, she was running a class on making soups in her home kitchen in Lee.  There were about ten people crowded around to watch as she masterfully commanded a full stove of brimming steaming pots, the pressure cooker, blender and a few trays in the oven.  It made me realize that my style of hovering over my one fry pan of food is a bit pathetic.  Razor sharp knife in hand and flames behind her, she casually discussed the merits of fiber and essentially told us that much of the vegetable we were throwing out, was actually usable, hearty and added flavor plus fiber.  Wow!  Soon after this, I bought a high powered glass blender — that could handle hot liquids — and started whipping up carrot ginger creams that my wife to this day loves.  I also hide vegetables (as my six-year old is decidedly anti-vegetable) in beef stews or mince up broccoli in his macaroni and cheese.  One of the participants had brought in some beautiful vegetables from her garden showcasing fresh local organic foods, which is a hallmark of the Kosmic Kitchen approach.  I’ve also bumped into Katherine at community events handing out cups of dark green liquid and discussing the benefits of phytonutrients and raw food.  Katherine designs menus for various medical ailments; coordinates trips abroad (trip to Spain!) that combine food, yoga, learning and meditation.  She writes books about food, designs cleansing programs and helps women with menopause via diet.  Chef, teacher and whole-foods guru, I have to say, if you haven’t been to one of her classes, you’re really missing out.