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An Inspiring Mission – The Wellness Guy

tsuboThere’s nothing wrong with spas.  If you want to relax and unwind, it’s a good place to be.  But Tsubo in Williamstown is really a wellness center.  It’s a place to go for lymphatic drainage (boosting the immune system, reducing edema and swelling in athletes), craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and deep tissue.  You can also receive an acupuncture session, participate in yoga or learn transcendental meditation.  Molly Kearns, owner, trained at The Swedish Institute in Manhattan and Ohashi bringing her expertise to the Berkshires.  Along with her talented team of senior therapists, one can also book discounted student therapist sessions at Tsubo.  Molly’s goal is to help bring up the next wave of therapists, improving their skills through a partnership with Mildred Elley.  Given Tsubo’s proximity to Williams College and expertise in sports massage, it makes perfect sense that swimmers and field hockey players would land at their door.  Tsubo also offers corporate massage and participates in wellness days for Williams College employees.  When I asked Molly what was on the horizon for Tsubo, she talked about a new membership program that would help clients commit to wellness; deliver value; and provide broad benefits.  Molly also expressed a continued commitment to training, learning, programming and classes.  For chronic muscular problems and pain where a therapist is needed to chart a progression to healing, Tsubo is an excellent choice.