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75 Years Atop Mt. Greylock

By Peter Dudek During July the summit of Mount Greylock was blessed with amazing sunsets and temperatures at least 10 degrees cooler than experienced at sea level. Now that cooler temperatures are the norm Bascom Lodge’s fireplaces will be fully employed on the summit. Bascom Lodge is a rustic stone and wood lodge which was built at the summit of Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts highest peak, by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s to provide accommodations for hikers, vacationers and nature enthusiasts.  This year is the fifth year that the Bascom Lodge Group has operated the Bascom Lodge who celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year. In conjunction with the Department of Conservation and Recreation restoration work has been performed each year on this historic Arts & Crafts building. It’s a good time to visit, or revisit, this “iconic Berkshire landmark”. The lodge’s anniversary year has seen many highlights so far including a Joint Resolution from the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Massachusetts Senate in honor of Bascom Lodge, the iconic Berkshire landmark. And the First Annual Free World Jazz Festival was held on July 14 as hundreds of people gathered on the mountain for the lodge’s anniversary weekend. The coming months will see the lodge hosting more events about nature, culture and history as they relate to the lodge, the mountain and the Berkshires at large. On August 7 Max Grinell presented information about projects throughout Massachusetts performed by the Works Progress Administration & the Civilian Conservation Corp during the 1930s; and on August 28, Alec Gillman will present an exploration of the mountain’s history and nature. All events are Free and Open to the Public. The full listings for all events can be found at IS183, the Art School of the Berkshires, will host a Botanical Drawing class taught by Diane Firtell on the 18th, and a Photography Workshop with Bill Wright on the 25th. Of course Rachel Plaine continues offering yoga classes on the third Sunday of August and September, and don’t miss the African Masters Weekend hosted by Marafanyi.

Happy 75th Anniversary Bascom Lodge, you are in great company. The Berkshire Visitors Bureau is celebrating 75 years of promoting the Berkshires and the Blue Steps at Naumkeag are also 75 years old this year. Other notable anniversaries are the Berkshires Theatre Festival (now part of Berkshire Theatre Group) celebrates 85 years and the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio is celebrating their 15th anniversary. What a great year for the Berkshires!


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