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A Cup of Motivation

By The Wellness Guy

CoffeeI remember being surprised by my doctor’s recommendation when he diagnosed me with Lyme disease: Drink coffee or tea.  It made sense.  I was tired and coffee would help counter the fatigue.  I came to find out that coffee has other positive health effects including boosting your antioxidants (similar to berries), protecting your liver from disease and countering depression.  In the Berkshires, we’re lucky to have Barrington Coffee Roasting Company right in our backyard!  With cafes in Boston and Lenox, plus a burgeoning online ordering system, the roasting facility in Great Barrington keeps busy.  Like most small batch products, the flavors can vary from year to year based on weather and soil conditions, keeping connoisseurs engaged.  The coffee is sourced internationally from multi-generational farms and prices paid often exceed Fair Trade standards.  Barrington Coffee also offers various organic options to avoid pesticide and herbicide residue.  Using a brown unbleached filter is also a good idea since chlorine (bleaching processes) is at the root of so many environmental problems.  After a brief discussion of the optimal espresso pull time (Greg Charbonneau, co-owner, told me 25+ seconds is ideal) and an unveiling of a new and very handsome espresso machine, it was almost time to go.  Like merlot in the wine biz, Barrington Coffee offers some fine blends; you can go direct to the source and pick up a few pounds right at the facility.  Here’s to staying warm and caffeinated this winter!